Activate Your English

Activate Your English – 50% discount for students and unemployed

Specialised English language course suitable for students and unemployed , but also for everyone who would like to improve competence in English . Activate Your English develops language skills necessary for academic purposes and preparation for future career. Your English language competence will be activated through real life situations. All of this will improve your chances to get the job you would like to get.

  • All university students, students of politechniques and unemployed get 50% discount on this course.
  • After the course, students take the final tests and get international IH Certificate of Level which is highly ranked worldwide.

The training is organised at all levels of the Common European Framework of Reference Scale (CEFR levels) and each course covers one level.

CourseDurationIntensityCEFR levels
Activate Your English32 - 60 lessons2x90 min per weekA1 - C2

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