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The story of  Tom and Linda

 After a long day, a young man named Tom walked into a café for a cup of coffee. He was disappointed because the two of his job interviews earlier that day went wrong. This was the worst day of his life, until he noticed a young waitress coming to him. She was beautiful and kind. She had the most beautiful smile he’s ever seen. He took his order and continued watching her while she was waiting other customers. After that he came into the café every day. He got to know her name, it was Linda. Slowly, they got to know each other. He even wrote her a song once, but he never told her he was in love with her. Tom still couldn’t find a job.

One day, his friend gave him a call telling him he has a job offer. It was a very good opportunity and by the end of the year he’ll have had enough money to come back and start his own business. He took that job, which meant he’ll have to go to London for a year. But he didn’t know how to say goodbye to Linda, he went to the café on his last day in town, but he didn’t know what to say. He thought that she wouldn’t mind he’s leaving for almost a year. So he said nothing.

He moved to London and the job was going great, he even got promoted. But he had never forgotten about Linda and her smile. One day, when he got back from his office, he went on and wrote her a song. He had arranged his comeback for next month. He wrote about his love to her and how he deeply regretted not having told her anything on his last day. “I regret for not having told you about my feelings, everything would be so different now.”

He went back to his hometown and headed to a café she worked in. but there was another girl working there. She told him that Linda got married last year, and moved to Manchester. Tom has never been sadder than that moment. He could feel his heart breaking to pieces. He deeply regretted for being so shy and not having told the love of his life how he felt about her.

Julia Roberts

Born Julia Fiona Roberts
October 28, 1967 (age 44)
Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.
Occupation Actress
Years active 1987–present
Religion Hinduism
Spouse Lyle Lowett
(m. 1993–1995; divorced)
Daniel Moder
(m. 2002–present; 3 children)
Relatives Eric Roberts (brother)
Lisa Roberts Gillan (sister)
Emma Roberts (niece)

Mini Biography

Julia Roberts was born on 28 October 1967 in Atlanta, George where she grew up. She never dremed that she would become the most popular actress in America. As a child, Julia wanted to be a weterinarian, because of here love of animals, but leater she studied journalism. She has older brother Eric Roberts, sister Lisa, and niece Emma Roberts, they are also actors. When her brother, Eric Roberts achived some success in Hollywood, Julia decided to try acting. Today she is a famous Hollywood actors.

Julia became a Hollywood star after roles in the romantic comedy Pretty Woman. She was nominated twice for Oscars, for hers roles in Steel Magnolias (1990) and Pretty Woman (1991).
Movies Julia Roberts: My best friends Wedding, Mystic Oizza, Nothing Hill, Runaway Bride, Walentines Day, Oceans Eleven…and others have erneds more then 2.4 billion dollars, making her one of the most successful actresses in terms of box office receipts.

Julia Roberts was nominated several times for one of the most beautiful woman in the world by the magazines “50 Most beautiful people in the World.
Julia has a husbent Daniel Moder. Together, they have three children, twins Hazel Patricia Moder and Phinnaeus „Finn“ Walter Moder (born November 28, 2004) and Henry Daniel Moder (born June 18, 2007).


 Jack Nicholson 

John Joseph Jack Nicholson

Born: April 22, 1937 New York City

Occupation: Actor, director, producer, screenwriter

Awards: Academy Awards, Golden Globe Award, Kennedy Center Honor, Life Achievement Award

Spouse: Sandra Knight 1962-1968

Children: 4

Jack Nicholson was born on 22th April 1937 in New York City. He is an American actor, film director, producer and screenwriter.

He is the most nominated male actor in Academy Awards history. He had twelve nominations and he won three Oscars. He has seven Golden Globe Awards, too.

His mother June Francis Nicholson was a showgirl. He lived with his grandparents and he belived they were his parents and June was his older sister. He learned the truth 1974 when a Time magazine reporter researched his life. He does not know who is his father.

He was married once with Sandra Knight. He had many girlfriends. Nicholson’s longest relationship was for 16 years with actress Anjelica Huston. He had four children.

He lived next door to Marlon Brando and Warren Beatty in Beverly Hils. That street had nickname “Bad Boy Drive”.

 My first trip abroad

The first time I went abroad was when I went to Paris to visit my family. It was in the summer holidays about five years ago, and I went alone. I travelled 24 hours by bus to Paris. The road was long but I was excited because I went to the city about I heard from many people that is one of the most beautiful, known as the city of light. On the bus I met interesting people, with whom the time passed quickly.


Sacre Coeur the most famous Monmartre sight

I stayed in Paris for three weeks in the house with my cousins. While I was there we walked a lot. We went on a tour of the city. I visited the Eiffel Tower, Arc de Triomphe, Chatolic church Sacre Coeur on Monmartre. My best day was in Disneyland. It is a special city for peple of all ages. There is a lot of fun. Also we spent several days in Normandy, and one day we visited the little town on the Atlantic Ocean, the city of flowers.

This trip stayed in my best memories and I was most excited.