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IH Teacher Training Newsletter

IH Teacher Training Newsletter

March 2013

The New IH Classroom Community

There is a lot of interesting, fun and great work going on in International House classrooms around the world. Often this work is only seen by a small audience and, especially in our young learner classes, the students do not realise they are part of a wider network of schools. As such, in our 60th year, we thought it would be a nice idea to try bringing our classes together into a global community. By setting various projects for teachers and their students to take part in, we hope to build a global IH audience. Students share their projects on the community wiki and other schools can view them and leave comments. Think of it as pen friends in the digital age. As well as classroom projects, the classroom community aims to help teachers integrate technology into their teaching and give schools an added way of showing how good they are at teaching English. If you want to know more then join the group at or email

Mobile Learning Group

Schools and teachers are dabbling more and more in using mobile technology in teaching, particularly phones and tablets. Many of you are wondering how to go about it, some schools are wondering if they should invest in them, while other schools such as IH Cordoba are over a year into a project of integration. As such we thought it would be a good idea to pool our collective knowledge and set up a group to share ideas and discuss all things mobile. Using an internet-based discussion group and our online classroom we hope to hold monthly meetings to discuss aspects of mobile use in and out of class. The first meeting was held in February, from which it was clear that there are many questions to be answered. To join the group’s discussion forum, click the link below There you will find the overview of the first meeting, and we hope to hold the second online meeting in the near future. If you have any questions or want to know more then please email

Writing new TT courses

For the last few months a number of IH teachers have been working on sketching out some new courses. As a result we have two new courses in development – a course for teaching Very Young Learners and a course for budding Teacher Trainers. I am pleased to say that both courses have been given the go ahead so I am looking for people to be involved in the writing process. If you want to have a go at writing one of the modules then let know asap. Further along the process we’ll also need people to read and comment on the draft modules and help with editing, so if you feel you can help, please contact Shaun.

Course dates and workshops

Next online teacher training courses dates Teaching 1-2-1 Course – 23rd March – June 2013 Certificate in Online Tutoring – 4th May – 8th June 2013 If you’re interested in taking part please complete the relevant forms on language teachers! We plan to run three asynchronous workshops in April. One for French teachers, one for Spanish teachers and one for Russian teachers. More information will be sent out in a couple of weeks and will appear on

Next Teachers’ Online Conference

Our next Teachers’ Online Conference will be held on Friday 24th May & Saturday 25th May 2013 and will form part of our 60th anniversary celebrations. We aim to have 60 speakers spread over the two days, with each speaker having 10 minutes to present one of their favourite teaching ideas. We still need a few more teachers to take part so if you fancy sharing your idea then please email or visit Finally, thank you to all those that sent Shaun a sound bite for the ‘Things I Wished I’d Known’ leaflet, you all did brilliantly and we got 60 in no time! Watch cyberspace for news of the leaflet launch.
IH Journal – new edition online now! Dear IH Journal readers, The 50th anniversary Teacher Training autumn edition of the IH Journal is now online! The contents page below will give you a taster of what you can find in Issue 33. To read this bumper TT issue, click here! Tribute to John Soars Teacher training and development – celebrating 50 years of teacher training
  • Interview with David Carr, Director of TT, IH London
  • The life and times of a teacher trainer – Jacqueline and Alastair Douglas
  • Trainee see, trainee do? – Ben Naismith
  • Tutor feedback to CELTA trainees: why they don’t listen – Lee Mackenzie
  • My trainees’ 10 (+1) maxims of teaching – Chia Suan Chong
  • Cutting up an ox – metaphorically speaking – Nick Hamilton
  • Young Learner teacher cognition and teacher training – Lou McLaughlin
  • Stop making a monkey out of CPD . . . or the evolution of teacher development – Alastair Grant
  • Client-driven teacher training at IH Doha – Peter Frey
  • Training teachers to teach business culture – Barry Tomalin and Dominque Vouillemin
Classroom matters
  • Out of thin air – bringing the white board back into clear focus – Lisa Phillips
  • Mastering the mingle – Hall Houston
  • But what about teaching styles – Ioana Lazarescu
Management matters
  • Worth becoming more competitive? – Tom Scott
Modern languages
  • Et les étudiants dans tout ça? – Estelle Huxley
And also . . .
  • ELT: more akin to bonding around a campfire than roasting in Hell’s Kitchen ( a personal account of conference presenting) – Noreen Lam
  • Bovine TEFL – Nick Kiley
Special Interest Columns
  • Young Learners – Kylie Malinowska, IHWO YL Advisor
  • Developing Teachers – Sandy Millin, IH Newcastle
  • Technology – Shaun Wilden
Reviews The CLIL Resource Pack- reviewed by Siobhan Chapman, IH Prague Essential Teacher Knowledge – reviewed by Jose Tapia, IH Santander