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ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre is an authorised CELTA centre (EA025)

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CELTA teacher training at ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre

13 years of excellent training results

What is CELTA?

Cambridge Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA) is recognised by EFL organisations worldwide and the certificate is one of the most highly respected in the EFL world.

The course is for:

  • practicing  EFL teachers
  • all of you who would like to change career and become an EFL teacher!

Why do CELTA at ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre?

Because you will rarely find a centre which offers so much individual support  for  every trainee.

We are an established centre with high quality teacher training reputation.

CELTA teachers we have trained work on all continents and have a successful teaching career.

At ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre you will have:

  • 24h access to all resources;
  • international team of expert tutors approved by Cambridge English Assessment;
  • tutors who make sure you develop your potential to become a great teacher;
  • help of all tutors every single day of your course;
  • excellent methodology resources;
  • and, you will enjoy your stay in Belgrade which never sleeps


The course was quite challenging and energy-consuming, but also rewarding and, for me personally, life-changing. I had wanted to take the CELTA for such a long time, and was exhilarated to be given this opportunity. CELTA improved my teaching in terms of showing me how not to teach, and training me to become more student oriented. I am so grateful to our professional and devoted CELTA trainers for their support on our CELTA journey. I will wholeheartedly recommend the course to all of my colleagues.

Sonja  Đukić, November 2020 CELTA Online course

The course was a fantastic experience. I started with limited experience as a one-on-one tutor and end the course with a confidence about teaching I didn’t imagine I would have.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this to anyone in my life who was serious about teaching English. The more of yourself you can give the more you can get from this course, and I feel like I got a lot. Thank you very much.

Nikola Žegarac, November 2020 CELTA Online course

I went through a full-time, 100% online, 5 week CELTA course at ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre, Serbia.

The CELTA instructors  at ITT Belgrade not only knew what they were doing but did their best to help the trainees. Thanks to their experience and support I passed the CELTA.

Needless to say, I’m very pleased with my experience at ITT Belgrade and may well return for a DELTA next time.

Jelena Despotović, November 2020 CELTA Online course

ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre (EA 025) CELTA course dates and fees

Please note that Cambridge has approved online CELTA training on permanent basis.

Approved types of courses are: online, face2face or mixed mode (50% online, 50% face2face).

Register for our courses:

ITT Belgrade CELTA 2022

Full time courses

 *in case COVID 19 situation is not stable, face2face courses can be delivered as mixed mode courses (50% face2face and 50 % online)

30 May – 1 July 2022

5 weeks

face2face and online950 GBP

4- 29 July 2022

4 weeks

face2face and online950 GBP

3 October-

4 November  2022

5  weeks

 online950 GBP

Group size:

online courses: 6 - 8 candidates

face2face courses: 12 (minimum number of applicants to start a course: 6)

ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre is an accredited centre for face2face and online CELTA courses ( EA025).

Candidates who successfully complete the online CELTA training will get the Cambridge ESOL certificate which has the same value as Face2Face CELTA.

The course is a combination of   modules which include theory and written assignments.
The course also has the teaching practice part, so that the trainees teach total of 6 hours of lessons which are observed.

Course venue:

ITT Belgrade (EA025)

Kralja Milutina 13 ( Cvetni trg )
Belgrade, SERBIA



 PRICE:    950 GBP

Full payment of the course fees: one month before the course start date

Course fee can be paid in 3 instalments only for early registration (at least three months before the course).

Materials are included in the price.

What is included:

  • course materials
  • access to our CELTA resources
  • access to school methodology resources
  • Cambridge fee

Please note that there is no refund  of the course fees once the candidate has enrolled the course

ITT CELTA Belgrade & Syllabus centre (EA 025) CELTA course

How to apply:

You should apply using the online Application Form document on this page. The application procedure also includes an interview with the CELTA course tutor (which can be done by telephone or skype) and a language awareness task. After your interview, you will have a complete picture on the course and how we develop you as a teacher. You should also feel free to ask all the questions you might have about CELTA during and after your interview.

The candidates:

The candidates need to be at least 20 years old to take the course, although those aged 18 can be accepted if they meet all course entry requirements. The applicants for the course should have an awareness of language and competence in English, both written and spoken, that enables them to follow the course and complete the assignments and teach a range of levels (minimum C2 level).

After you enroll on your CELTA course:

We have a very good CELTA preparation programme which will prepare you for all aspects of your CELTA course. Our trainees say that without it they would not have performed that well on the course.

You will also be guided on which books you would need to read. Feel free to use the books from our resource library.

If you feel you need to brush up your language awareness, we will advise you on the free Cambridge online language awareness courses you can do.

Course requirements:

CELTA training requires an attendance of a minimum of 120 hours over 4 weeks.

These hours include:

  • Input;
  • tutorial support and consultation;
  • supervised lesson planning;
  • six hours assessed teaching practice;
  • peer observation of teaching practice;
  • six hours of directed observation of live lessons taught by experienced ELT professionals;

On top of this you need to do:

  • a minimum of 80 hours of unsupervised work outside of timetabled course hours.

Candidates must be present for at least 80% of each component of the course in order to pass, although 100% attendance is expected, and time off is granted in exceptional circumstances only.


What do you get on course completion?

All successful candidates are awarded a Cambridge CELTA Certificate validated by Cambridge ESOL (English for Speakers of Other Languages), part of the University of Cambridge.


Grades are: Pass; Pass B; Pass A.

What is CELTA?

The CELTA is an intensive TEFL qualification designed for people with little or no previous English language teaching experience or training. It is highly regarded and recognised internationally and can lead to a thoroughly rewarding and life enhancing experience through helping students achieve a vital language skill for their own life goals.

Why should I do the CELTA?

There are many choices when it comes to TEFL qualifications. They range in price and course content, whether they are delivered online or in person, and whether they are certified by an official body. The CELTA is an established qualification, recognised globally and highly regarded across the TEFL industry (not only in International House schools). It will equip you with the essential requirements needed to land your first TEFL job and offers opportunities to develop your skills later if you choose to advance your teaching career.

Taking the CELTA with International Teacher Training also means you can benefit from all the support and materials that we offer to our students. This extends to our alumni community too when they become teachers. We host a Wellbeing Season in March, with workshops focusing on tips and advice on the mental wellbeing of teachers, and a Teachers Online Conference in May, with a series of sessions on anything teaching-related, including young learners, classroom games and technology.

Is the CELTA officially certified?

Yes, the CELTA is certified by Cambridge Assessment English and as a result is highly regarded internationally and recognised by Ofqual at level 5 on the Qualifications and Credit Framework.

Now approximately 4,000 teachers take a CELTA with IH every year. And it is recognised on all continents.

If I take the CELTA, can I get a job with International House?

Absolutely. IHWO Jobs board is updated on a regular basis with career opportunities from around the International House network, from EFL teachers to academic managers. Once you have gained your CELTA qualification, you can get started with TEFL!

I’ve done the CELTA… what’s next?

International House offers opportunities to further your knowledge and experience, whether that’s by taking the DELTA (Diploma in Teaching English to Speakers of other Languages) for experienced language teachers, or by specialising by taking an online course through the IH Online Teacher Training Institute. You can specialise in teaching Young Learners and Teenagers, teaching one-to-one, or in Business English. You can improve your theoretical knowledge of teaching by taking the IH Certificate in Advanced Methodology. You could eventually become an academic manager. Some certificates are also offered in our schools.

But you can also choose to take your teaching skills and transfer them over to another sector or career path, such as writing and developing course materials, marketing, teacher training, academic management, or something completely different!


First good news is that you will have a teaching qualification which is ranked as number one by employers  worldwide.

Also, we will prepare you for your teaching life after CELTA as we have excellent professional development and career advice sessions during the course and will send you updated information on international  job prospects.

You can always rely on us to give you a reference which is essential when looking for a teaching position.

Although  CELTA qualification means that you can teach adults, in nearly all countries and schools it is a requirement  for teaching all age groups, including young learners.

Professional development

You will also get information on all conferences, workshops and webinars you can attend to continue with your professional development.

We will give you advice on other training courses you might like to attend in order to specialise or work as a Director of Studies.

You will become a member of our CELTA teachers group and will be able to exchange experience with our great CELTA teachers worldwide.


About Serbia


TOP 10 countries 2015 LONELY PLANET

Visiting and studying Serbia is a true experience. Other than doing your CELTA course in one Europe’s upcoming capital cities, you’ll get to experience a new country in the heart of Europe. Nature lovers will love Serbia’s lakes, rivers, mountains, and reserves and for those who appreciate culture, there are a number of annual cultural events in Serbia that are worth checking out such as the Beer Fest, the trumpet festival, and the Pancevo Carnival to name a few. Serbia’s cities also have a lot to offer, so make sure you give yourself a few days or even weeks to explore the rest of this intriguing country.


About Belgrade

Belgrade never sleeps. You can enjoy great variety of food in our national restaurants. We will help you explore Belgrade and recommend places to visit.

Nightlife in Belgrade is something you will never forget. Music festivals, clubs, theatres, an much more!


Our tutors

We have a pool of international trainers working with us on multiple courses, such Mike Cattlin, Tim Bowen, Anna Edgar, Annette Szymanski, Emily Bell, David Valente, Darren Bell, Dean Russell, Jackie Jordan, Tim Jones, Francis Traynor, Margaret Horrigan, Marie Petigrew, Jamie McGeorge who joined our local tutor Z.Kovacevic